Specify and GPX

GPX (GPS Exchange Format) is a standard XML data format for describing routes, waypoints, and tracks which can be downloaded from modern GPS units. In a field scenario, one could use the GPS while collecting to snag geo-coordinates and then name each collection locality as a waypoint and give it a Field or Collector's Number. Then using a Specify WorkBench importer a user could convert the waypoints into Collecting Events. The following images show what the user interface might look like using NASA's World Wind application to visualize the map.

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The starting screen in Specify of the GPX Importer, showing the names of waypoints and tracks captured by the GPS. Clicking on a waypoint in the listing shows that waypoint on the map. (Click below image for a larger view.)

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Next, if a user clicks on a track, which might be the equivalent of a day's collecting, the World Wind map display shows the enture journey. Various possibilities exist for importing waypoints as collecting events or localities, and tracks as expeditions or perhaps (survey) projects in Specify. (And of course all of their georeferences as well.)