Specify 6.4.07 Database Update Release

Specify 6.4.07 Released

Note: Installing Specify 6.4.07 modifies the database schema; each Specify workstation connecting to a shared database in a local area or campus network will need to upgrade to this release level (6.4.07) to continue to access the database. The Specify 'IT User" password (the MySQL account with root privileges used for the original Specify installation) will be needed to complete the upgrade.

This release enlarges the Collection Object table by adding a data field to hold and display raw text output from OCR'd label images. Thanks to Gil Nelson, Florida State, for working with us to better support herbarium OCR data. We've also supplemented the DNA Sequencing Run table with a Gene Sequence (memo) field to hold the output of individual runs. The parent table, DNA Sequence also includes a DNA Sequence field which is intended to represent a consensus sequence from two or more runs. The DNA Sequence table is related one-to-many with the DNA Sequence Run table. Points to Willem Coetzer (SAIAB) and Andy Bentley (Kansas) for clarifying the distinction between run sequence outputs and consensus sequences.

This release links field captions (which are often customized) in Specify and applies them to the fields in the WorkBench. Now customized field captions are now consistent between the two interfaces and will be easier to use in WorkBench mapping to Specify fields to column names of external data files.

Last, we have begun with this release to make changes to the way Specify manages image file attachments (like label image files) when they are imported into the WorkBench for editing and subsequently uploaded into Specify. Image file content is no longer stored within WorkBench data rows which will make the WorkBench faster and more memory effficient. Additional user interface enhancements for image handling are underway, particularly in the context of data entry workflows involving label images, and will appear in upcoming releases.

Release 6.4.07 includes a two dozen software fixes and incremental enhancements as listed below.

Release Notes
Specify 6.4.07
16 April 2012
Specify Software Project

List of changes in Specify 6.4.07

  1. Specify EZDB now functions on Windows 7 without the use of compatibility mode. 2012-04-12 (Bugzilla 8774)
  2. The schema configuration override function now operates properly. 2012-04-05 (8769)
  3. The save as function in the Schemma Mapper no longer replicates orginal mapping names. 2012-04-05 (8771)
  4. A security permission issue has been resolved in the Specify DB Security Wizard. 2012-04-04 (8758)
  5. DNA Sequencing Run fields can now be properly queried. 2012-04-04 (8727)
  6. The Specify WorkBench validator now acknowledges corrections accepted from the GEOLocate plug in. 2012-04-03 (8766)
  7. Users can now save modified WorkBench configuration files in the AppData folder without having them overwritten by new releases. 2012-04-02 (8767)
  8. Improvements have been made to the way the LatLongType field is validated in the Specify WorkBench. 2012-04-02 (8765)
  9. In order for synonyms to maintain their original names, FullNames of synonyms are no longer updated. 2012-03-30 (8737)
  10. Collecting Events can now be added to Collection Object records even if they were uploaded with no Collecting Event fields mapped. 2012-03-30 (8729)
  11. The counts of invalid and new cells now update properly in form view. 2012-03-29 (8760)
  12. The record navigation buttons now function correctly in form view. 2012-03-29 (8759)
  13. When importing a file into the Specify WorkBench, all templates are now available for reuse regardless of what user created them. 2012-03-29 (8752)
  14. Descriptions of selected fields are now displayed in the Specify WorkBench mapping window. 2012-03-29 (8749)
  15. If the "Always ask for Collection at startup" preference is unchecked, Specify now opens the last collection that the user logged out of. 2012-03-29 (8748)
  16. Attached images are no longer stored in databases in order to greatly improve functionality. 2012-03-29 (8746)
  17. Users can no longer access the schema localizer on a database with multiple users by clicking the "X" to close the window displaying other users that are logged on. 2012-03-29 (8723)
  18. Error Estimate and Error Polygon fields are now saved when georeferenced. 2012-03-28 (8754)
  19. There are now two remote preferences that control whether Locality and CollectingEvent records are highlighted when "Highlight New Records" is checked in the Specify WorkBench. 2012-03-27 (8753)
  20. Specify WorkBench names with invalid characters no longer cause exceptions when backed up. 2012-03-27 (8730)
  21. The Return Loan form now functions properly. 2012-03-26 (8744)
  22. A problem with the way the determination "Current" mapping was being validated has been fixed. 2012-03-26 (8736)
  23. A proper confirmation dialog box now appears when a query is being saved with extremely long criteria. 2012-03-26 (8675)
  24. Turning on "Adding Data Prefs" for determinations and configuring determinations to carry forward no longer results in two current determinations. 2012-02-14 (8718)