Specify 6.4.06 Important Update

Specify 6.4.06 Available

Specify 6.4.06 fixes one major issue and several small ones. Specify 6.4.0 (November 2011) and newer releases have not been linking and saving file attachments properly. This version looks for file attachment links in the database which are not actually linked to external file attachments, and then displays a report of any such files. Specify then offers the user a chance to recover the attachment files. Additional help on how to re-link files is provided if Specify finds any dangling attachment links without associated files. Broken attachment links would have occurred only for attachments to specify data records created since the installation of Specify 6.4.0.

This update does not modify the Specify database schema.

(Specify 6.4.05 was released for 24 hrs but updated by this release. It is the same code as this version but a corrupted upload to our web site provider necessitated a re-release and version number increment.)

Release Notes
Specify 6.4.06
7 February 2012

  1. Attachments in Specify now save correctly. This release contains a helper application to fix file attachments which were not created and saved properly since the release on Specify 6.4.0 in November, 2011. 2012-02-01 (8709)
  2. Specify now allows users to rebuild an already up-to-date cache using the DataExporter tool. 2012-02-03 (Bugzilla 8712)
  3. Updating an already built cache no longer prompts an incorrect warning message. 2012-02-03 (8711)
  4. The DataExporter tool now exports empty tree levels with null values to accomodate IPT requirements. 2012-02-03 (8710)
  5. The Batch Identify form has improved speed and performance. 2012-02-02 (8697)
  6. The 'Empty' operator in the query builder now works properly on tree levels. 2012-02-02 (8696)
  7. Creating a query with the "Not" operator enabled no longer causes an exception when searching for criteria which do not exist.  2012-02-01 (8708)
  8. The LatLongType field is no longer required in Specify WorkBench when geocoordinate data are not present.  2012-02-01 (8703)
  9. The Specify string localizer now starts properly even after prematurely exiting the language selection.  2012-02-02 (8701)
  10. Specify behaves properly after attaching invalid file images in the WorkBench. 2012-02-01 (8702)
  11. A broken web service connection to the Lifemapper/GBIF database for species distribution mapping has been restored. 2012-02-05; s.n.
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