The JVM could not be started. The maximum heap size (-Xmx) might be too large...

After installed last English version 6.3.05 this error occurred:
I have to exit Firefox and open it again then i can open specify...weird...
I've tried to uninstall all java version, install again, tried too uninstall specify and install version 6.3 and the error occurred too...only at my machine. Server it's ok...
Any suggestion?

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Probably the error is in

Probably the error is in Java. Here the last version it´s working with Java 7.0 on a XP machine. Suggestion: after you uninstall all Java versions look for some program to clean the register (like CCleaner), delete the java folders too before you install the JAva and Specify again. Just change the register if you know what are you doing. Other softwares that use Java might cause some conflict, the firefox 6.0.1 had a problem in my machine, update it to 6.0.2.