Specify 6.5.04 "Prairie Chicken" *Schema Update*

Release Notes
Specify 6.5.04 "Prairie Chicken" (1,2)
9 April 2014, Build 11494

Release Summary

Specify 6.5.04 addresses a large number of issues, bugs and enhancements. It updates the Specify database schema and requires system-level installation of the Java 7 JRE package.

Installation Notes for Existing Sites

Specify 6.5.03 "Turducken"

Release Notes
Specify 6.5.03 "Turducken" (1,2)
27 November 2013

Specify 6.5.03 fixes several bugs. It does not modify the database schema.

List of changes:

  1. An error which occurred under certain conditions when editing group members, collectors, or authors, has been fixed. 11/27/13 10:16 AM (Bugzilla 9449)
  2. The GroupNumber field in the Taxon table is now accessible for queries and labels. 11/26/13 09:53 AM (9451)

Specify 6.5.02 "Black Cat"

Release Notes
Specify 6.5.02 "Black Cat"
31 October 2013

This update fixes the issue which caused Windows workstation sessions to disconnect from a networked MySQL server after an extended idle period. The release does not modify the Specify database schema.

Specify 6.5.01 Update

Release Notes
Specify 6.5.01
Released: 10 October 2013

Specify 6.5.1 fixes several bugs. It does not modify the database schema.

List of changes:

  1. Clarified the text on the SpecifyDBSecurityWizard IT user and Master user screens, 10/03/13 02:48 PM, (Bugzilla 9414).
  2. Timestamp field now displays the time along with the date, 10/01/13 04:49 PM, (9411).
  3. If multiple preparations are mapped and Storage Tree fields are in use, the validator no longer incorrectly requires PrepType, 10/01/13 01:13 PM, (9410).

Specify 6.5 Major Release *Schema Update*

The Specify Project is pleased to announce a major update: Specify 6.5

Note: The 6.5 release updates Specify's database structure.

We recommend existing Specify installations execute a database backup before running the update. Because the update modifies the database structure, a momentary interruption during the update process due to a power, hardware, or network failure would render your active database unusable and unrecoverable.

Specify 6.4.13 Update

Specify 6.4.13 fixes numerous bugs but does not modify the database schema. All workstations should be updated to Specify 6.4.13 from 6.4.12 and earlier releases.

Specify 6.4.11 Update

Specify 6.4.11 addresses numerous issues; it does not modify the database schema. We recommend that all sites upgrade to this software level.

Release Notes
Specify 6.4.11
Specify Software Project
24 September 2012

List of changes in Specify 6.4.11

  1. The function to Create a DataSet from a RecordSet now exports ChronoStratigraphy data. 2012-09-06 (Bugzilla 8906)
  2. For 2nd and 3rd determinations, "IsCurrent" is no longer required even if no other data is present. 2012-09-06 (8921)

Specify 6.4.10 Update

This release fixes a small number of issues, it does not modify the database schema.

Release Notes
Specify 6.4.10
23 July 2012

List of changes:

  1. "Exsiccata Item" is now available on the Data Entry Form for Botany collections. 2012-07-17 (Bugzilla 8874)
  2. The "Create Data Set From Record Set" feature in the Workbench will now display data in the Collection Object Attributes table. 2012-07-17 (8867)

New Generation of Specify for the Web

Specify for the Web!

The Specify Project is enthused to announce a new generation of Specify — for the web. Three new products: Specify Web Portal, Specify Web Client, and the Specify Web Server are being completed thanks to collaborators from Sweden, Canada and at Harvard University.

Specify Solstice Release: 6.4.09

Release Notes
Specify 6.4.09
25 June 2012

The Specify 6.4.09 Solstice Release includes fixes for various reported issues. Updating to Specify 6.4.09 does not modify the Specify database schema, but all workstations sharing a common database need to upgrade to the new release level.

List of changes:

  1. In the Data Exporter application, the Build/Update button (properly) does not activate before the status is calculated.  2012-06-18  (Bugzilla 8857)
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